Protection of facades of buildings

This facade is primarily gives us its aesthetic beauty. Exterior facade stresses the individuality of the building and is the original card of the owner. It protects the facade of the building from the ravages of weather and technological factors.

Facades of buildings exposed to moisture, wind, temperature, intense sun exposure rays, and in the case of industrial buildings, to a corrosive atmosphere production. This leads to destroying processes, weathering, loosening, cracks, etc.

Today, the possibility of facades using various staining and virtually limitless. Exterior paint also serves as a decorative and protective function, not only giving aesthetics building, but also protecting it.

Choice of facade materials and maintaining the technology front works contribute to the long-term maintenance-free operation of the facade, which in ultimately saves money the customer.

Ornamental decoration of the interior

In the rooms we spend most of his life, the question of selection of finishing materials should be treated very serious.

Interior design — is to create a unique environment that reflects the individual taste, meets the spirit of the organization, the mood of people, fashion. This phase of the boldest ideas for registration interior — this can help decorative wall coverings.

Currently, the most widely used in the construction of high-quality decoration found acrylic paints. Namely compositions based on acrylic and acrylic copolymers, have the best complex properties: excellent ability to retain gloss and resistance to yellowing, elastic, high mechanical strength.