Industrial coatings

One of the main business activities of ITC Invest LTD is – the   Industrial coverings of factory “EMLAK”. We are the official representative of the brand name and products of the factory JSC “EMLAK” in China, India, Australia, Indonesia and Latin Americans countries.

Products of JSC “EMLAK” have been already well-known in the industrial market of paintwork materials for more than twenty years, as a large enterprise producing a wide assortment of high-quality paintwork production complying with the European standards.

The range of the output paintwork material is wide and capable to interest both large enterprises, and separate persons with individual demands. The scale of organic dilatable materials, capable to protect a surface against corrosion, is successfully used practically in all industries:

  • Shipbuilding and ship repair work;
  • Bridge engineering and fabricated metals protection;
  • Railway-carriage and repair works
  • Chemical fertilizer factories,
  • Oil refining and gas industry enterprises, etc.

High quality of paint-and-lacquer materials and their competitive ability are the major directions of our activity.

By giving protection and high decorative appearance of being constructed and operated installations and buildings covering EMLAK widely used to increase the service life of building designs in various areas of modern industrial construction.

We provide our partners a result, that meets their expectations, producers -reliable and predictable market and consumers — quality products at reasonable prices.

Today EMLAK and ITC Invest — steadily growing project on the market of industrial coatings — established reputation in the segment of construction, buildings,  metal and concrete protection.