The Range and Cost of Coating

The choice of the system for the initial protection of the object depends on the duration and efficiency of its operation. Of the total cost of the project the cost of the paint are just a small part of it. However, with time, the production costs of the painting become one of the main items of operating costs. Everyone knows that the cost of repair of one square meter is much higher than the application of protective on one square meter of the object before putting it into operation.

The life of the coating varies considerably. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the materials much deeper than just compare them to the cost of one square meter of surface. Ultimately, the most cost-effective are the systems with the longest lifetime.

The experts of our company are ready to give full technological support to our clients. This means consultations on all questions on surface preparation, selection of materials, coloring and drying methods, providing with certificates, instructions and other additional materials.

We are ready to provide You free samples of our products in volume, sufficient for a trial of color.

All coatings are performed considering environmental. And  provide protection 100% material on a level of the nature protection.

Special  coatings systems allow to reach  the stable and  longest lifetime of Coatings. Average lifetime of our  systems is 10-15 years.