Protection of Concrete

To improve the durability of the operation of concrete and reinforced concrete structures in aggressive environments our experts recommends the use of modern effective coatings. Using a paint based on epoxy, acrylic binders and copolymers thereof to protect the concrete has advantages over the traditional used coverings as the most resistant to aggressive environments.

Construction of concrete and reinforced concrete structures and components are subjected to during operation damaging effects:

  • Gaseous media. Transport and technology are the source of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides. Situation (among many modern productions) — sulfur gases and other gas complex chemical composition.
  • Liquid medium. Aggressiveness of liquids caused by contact with the concrete surface liquids, which include road detergents and oils spills of liquid fuels and oils, and soluble solids.
  • Solid medium.. Production dust contains very aggressive compound (salt, acid and alkaline compound character). Damaging effects begin after the dissolution of these materials in high humidity precipitation.
  • Temperature extremes. The concrete surface is a mineral substrate and has a great affinity for water, and often it has a sufficiently porous structure that absorbs atmospheric moisture and dropping.

All of these factors lead to destructive processes such as — corrosive destruction of concrete, its separation, leaching, loosening, formation of a layer of rust on the surface of the valve and reducing its the working section. Further there is deboning of reinforcement with concrete, forming on the surface of concrete fine grid of cracks, peeling and degradation of the concrete reinforcement.

Thus, protection of construction of concrete structures has a very important practical significance and requires no less attentive and competent approach.