Main range of the Industrial Coatings

Advantageous feature of the enterprise is the assortment of EMLAK Coverings now, products with more than 100 titles. Such a wide range of protective materials allows us to offer customers a variety of solutions in the application of coatings — and performance characteristics, and class reliability (lifetime), and in a different range of values.

  • Covering various functional purpose;
  • For applying coatings on various types of surfaces;
 Cover with desired performance;
  • Coating resistant to aggressive influences modern industrial environments.

We offer more than just the paint, and the whole system of protective and decorative coatings, which provide the best results and ensure the durability of the material.

  Coatings for substrates (painting different surfaces): 

  • Metal (steel, zinc and non-ferrous metals);
  • Concrete and reinforced concrete;
  • Brick, stone, plaster;
  • Wood and other mineral surfaces.

  Coatings intended:

  • Construction — protective (front) and finishing (interior);
  • Anticorrosive;
  • Fire protection;;
  • Restoration;
  • Antiseptic, anti-fouling.

  Coatings for applications:

  • Industrial construction (chemical plants, mining and metallurgical complex plants, food plants and agro, etc);
  • The objects of transport construction;
  • Shipbuilding and ship repair;
  • Civil engineering;
  • Railway transport;
  • Mechanical engineering, construction and agricultural machinery;
  • Food industry;
  • Mechanical engineering;
  • Hydraulic equipment and ports structures;
  • Architectural and historical objects.