Metal Protection

We offer the widest range of paints corrosion-resistant materials that perform not only decorative but also protective functions.

We have accumulated years of experience in the production of protective coatings for metal and capable of finding solutions for both small and large projects. Depending on the scheme and the degree of surface preparation coating life may be 20 years or more.

Each type of covering proposed our experts takes into account the technical features, the specifics of any enterprise. In addition to well-known alkyd, acrylic, vinyl and epoxy coatings EMLAK today offers a range of waterborne anti-corrosion coatings. Scope of application of protection systems for metal quite extensive:

Coating systems are designed to meet modern requirements for anti-corrosion materials. This two-component and one-component coating, made of high quality materials with a high solids content and a minimal amount of volatile organic compounds.

Anticorrosive materials resistant to atmospheric and other types of corrosion, mechanical and abrasive loads, as well as exposure to UV light. The epoxy primer with the addition of zinc dust and coating materials based on vinyl, acrylic and polyurethane components create a reliable system of protection against corrosion of metal as the various types of steel and non-ferrous metals.

Metal Protection: Bridge Structures

Currently, we have developed a system of coatings for corrosion protection of newly built and repaired bridges, guardrails and other metal structures. Proven coating system for corrosion protection of steel structures and bridge superstructures to provide weather resistance in temperate and cold climates at least 15 years. Application of enamel will allow  Emakout 7320ZHD

  • Extend the life of the protective coating to10-15 years (depending on the operating conditions);
  • The possibility of applying the basic coating layers on the shop floor;
  • Craft cut costs painting (reducing the number of layers)
  • Reduce process cycle time due to fast drying enamel
  • The possibility of applying at low temperatures
  • Reducing the range of coatings.

The use of the materials can significantly speed up painting works by rapid drying and possibility of fulfillment of their factory. For long-term (10-30 years) protection of steel structures in atmospheric conditions it is recommended the use of complex coatings in accordance with the General type:


Proprietary materials with a registered trademark, developed with improved performance and technological qualities, taking into account the requirements of the modern market of industrial coatings. Coatings based on these projections have expected service lifetime. The protection class is determined together with the customer and our experts, that give us the reason to provide the best solution.

Metal Protection: Railway Transport

In our protection system types presented a wide range of materials for long-term protection of railway transport: passenger carriage, trains, wagons, tanks for various purposes, mineral wagons and flatcars etc.

It has been successfully applied in production of new trains and repair works. Сoperation with foreign counterparts, and a large work experience, domestic unique and excellent imported raw materials allow to produce competitive coating attracting competitive cost. For the coverings of railway vehicles used mainly urethane, epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic urethane, water dispersion coatings. Type of coverings selected according to the special conditions of future use. In the final selection takes into account the desired quality of the coating and painting technology.

From the materials traditionally used, water-based coverings have absolute Fire-fighting, do not include the organic solvents, in other words environmental safety, fast drying, more resistant to temperature changes and UV radiation high decorative appearance, have well cleaning features,  and the possibility of selecting colors on request, maintainability. The research results and the general operational checks have shown that using of new advanced waterborne materials provide equivalent cost, and most importantly the quality of the coatings, replacement of traditional containing organic solvents.

Metal Protection: Ship Building and Repair

We are ready to offer the the leading products  of ship building and repairing coating materials. The enterprise produces a full range of paintwork materials which are properly certified and approved for the use on unrestricted navigation vessels. The scope of application is extensive enough. Coating systems for underwater side, include antifouling enamel (self-polishing) meet the international requirements (do not contain organic tin) and provide dock repairing period between up to 5 years.

Coating systems for shipbuilding and repair are used for anticorrosion protection of freeboards, boot-top, superstructures, interiors (comply with requirements for materials with slow flame propagation properties), decks (nonskid coatings), as well as for light and dark oil tanks, cargo holds, ballast and potable water tanks.

Industrial Coatings for shipbuilding and repair are certified by Maritime Register of Shipping and comprises a department of certified inspectors ensuring the monitoring of surface preparation and paint application. This allows us not only to properly control the painting works, but also to provide our customers with warranties for coatings. Choice of covering type, development of painting works — It is complex and demanding task, which is better to entrust experts of our company. Who  are ready to assist and offer technically and economically viable solution  specially for your needs.

Metal Protection: Chemical and Petroleum Industry

Today we offer a wide range of materials for corrosion, chemical and special protection systems  for the Petroleum Industry:

  • External storage tanks for light and dark oil products, valves, wet well and dry pipelines, drilling and oil and gas rigs;
  • Galleries, trestles, metal “tying”;
  • The outer surfaces of structures, equipment, pipelines and aboveground production, transmission and underground gas storage facilities in particularly aggressive environments (in contact with alkaline and acid environments);
  • The inner surfaces of equipment, piping structures and equipment, above-ground production, transmission and underground gas storage facilities in particularly aggressive environments (in contact with alkaline and acid environments);
  • The outer surfaces of constructions in case of repair. Perhaps drawing on residual rust;
  • The equipment designs with a maximum operating temperature up to 100 ° C (in the absence of direct contact with alkalis and acids).

Metal Protection: Construction and / agricultural machinery

Wight range of the metal protection systems allow us to present the special line of the coverings to Construction and / agricultural machinery. Ranked Among our major customers:

  • JSC «Automobile Plant» Ural «Miass;
  • LTD “Production Association Yurmash“ — the largest machine-building enterprises in the Kemerovo region and Western Siberia;
  • The production firm «ASK», Leningrad Crane Plant, St. Petersburg;
  • JSC «Petersburg tractor factory», St. Petersburg;
  • JSC «Kirov Machine-Building Plant May 1“;
  • JSC «MAZ» head holding company «Belaz“;
  • Company IVECO-AMT “;
  • As well as enterprises of the defense complex.