Services and Support

ITC Invest Limited is leading Company in field of supplying of Oil products, Energy Coal, Industrial Coatings, Technical parts, Equipment and consumables for main industrial sectors such as Power/Thermal Generation, Mining, Metallurgy, Industrial and Civil engineering.

More than twenty years experience and number of implemented projects in Europe, Africa, India Russia, Asia, Latin America give possibility to share our experience with you and provide guaranteed service in all steps of the project from the preliminary study of inquiry and consultancy, to selection of needed products, storage, logistics question, delivery and installation regardless the specific of project and the level of complexity of inquiry’s conditions.

Experience and unchanging principles, which are based on strict fulfillment of our obligations, is a competitive advantage of ITC Invest Company and allow us to solve our basic goals — to satisfy all the needs of our customers, to provide nonstop and timeliness of deliveries.

The aim of the ITC Invest Company is to meet expectations of our esteemed partners and customers. The experts of our company are ready to give the full technological and informational support to our clients on all steps of the project.