Services and Support

ITC Invest Limited is leading Company in field of supplying of Oil products, Energy Coal, Industrial Coatings, Technical parts, Equipment and consumables for main industrial sectors such as Power/Thermal Generation, Mining, Metallurgy, Industrial and Civil engineering.

More than twenty years experience and number of implemented projects in Europe, Africa, India Russia, Asia, Latin America give possibility to share our experience with you and provide guaranteed service in all steps of the project from the preliminary study of inquiry and consultancy, to selection of needed products, storage, logistics question, delivery and installation regardless the specific of project and the level of complexity of inquiry’s conditions.

Experience and unchanging principles, which are based on strict fulfillment of our obligations, is a competitive advantage of ITC Invest Company and allow us to solve our basic goals — to satisfy all the needs of our customers, to provide nonstop and timeliness of deliveries.

The aim of the ITC Invest Company is to meet expectations of our esteemed partners and customers. The experts of our company are ready to give the full technological and informational support to our clients on all steps of the project.

Consultation on the preliminary stage of the project

Relying on its experience and expertise, ITC Invest Company gets involved with the client in all phases of the project, from the earliest ones — Pre-Construction Activities — helping the client to develop the optimal selection of equipment, Energy Products and raw materials configurations which will make it viable at a technical and financial level. To storage, logistics arrangements, installation/supplying and after sale service – providing the reducing of costs delivery and as a result increased efficiency and optimization of all projects. This is our task, which we will appreciate to perform for you.

Development Tailor-made solution

International relations of ITC Invest Company with the partners worldwide and  highly reliable experts —  professionals with extensive experience in the industrial sector, all of whom perfectly know the essence of their work in order to undertake the necessary acquisitions at the opportune moment with the quantity and quality required and at the most competitive price. We believe that right solution may to increase efficiency of your project and improve the result of your business. Especially, if the solution matches required technology, efficiency and it have an acceptable cost. Our experts and experience will take care of you to be able to assess the benefits from working with ITC Invest Limited.

Logistics and delivery

Through long-term partnerships with the largest and most modern ports and terminals of all continents give ITC Invest Company ability to arrange to delivery our customers’ orders most efficiency with the low delivery cost by sea, railway and air. Using the term and conditions of «Short Arm» is one of basic principles for our logistics department. That gives opportunity, together with the extensive network of the partners in whole the world to provide the most effective fright rates to delivery with minimal costs as for small packages to bulk materials and heavy equipment.  This approach to supply makes better use of storage space in the transit points, main charges and fully control of the shipment to our customers. As the result reducing of total fright cost – basic costs in the International Procurements.

Project Management

Increasingly, different forms of management and contractual solutions are being requested by industries in the sector of Power/Thermal Generation, Mining, Metallurgy and others. In this field our company adapts to our customers and partners needs, being flexible in the services it provides and incorporating in project management into different business models. Thereby we have ability to build individual relationships together with our customers and partners and meet queries required. On the other hand, and bearing in mind the requirements of the basic industries needs,  project managers and experts with more than 10 years experience carrying out this role, thereby giving the staff employees considerable technical support and placing it firmly at the technological forefront of the sector.

Technical and information support

Services that ITC Invest Limited provides are essential in industrial processes. For this reason our customers and partners benefit excellent services like customer training and a 24/7 support. Our experts are always on the line and happy to provide consultation to selection of products, technical information, check the delivery status, pricing support and other question in any time.