Refractory castables

We offer a full range of Refractory Castables that are widely used for backup linings and hot face. These castables are useful for forming strong joints and is used extensively in steel and glass industries, petrochemical and machine manufacturing industries.

Refractory Castables are used for a specific service temperature and environment. The offered products are highly tested for their quality assurance under the supervision of our quality controllers.

Further, we can provide our clients with different specifications, as required.

 Dense refractory castables  

 We offer a range of Dense Castables that are conventional and extensively used in boiler work, general furnace and burner blocks. The high alumina content offers a good performance in most applications. They are designed for strength, abrasion and corrosion resistance. They are economical, have good strength and are available in both dual-use cast/gun and special gunning formulations.

 Insulating refractory castables

Insulating refractory castables are made of refractory light-weight aggregates, special additives and high-alumina cements. They are widely used as roofing& spanning materials in power, steel plants and boiler works. Their strength, which ranges from low to medium, is based on the fact that their density is low and is the main reason that they are not resistant to abrasion.

 Low Cement Refractory castables

This type of refractory castable is prepared with a lower amount of cement than the standard dense castable is normally created with. Low cement refractory castable mainly includes high aluminum , mullite and corundum refractory castables. They are featured with high strength and excellent performances.