Manage your operations effectively

ITC Invest and our team create added value to every project. Thanks to our knowledge and experience in a wide range of disciplines, we are able to manage your operations effectively and improve their quality and reliability. Our activity and service organization specializes in supplying the best solutions to our customers, servicing and carrying out selection, procurement, supplying of the equipment on the basis and requirements of future use. As well as after sale service, such as information support, maintenance, supplying of the spare parts and consumables. The main of ITC Invest – is to meet all your expectations from working with us. It means, our experts provide the solution that will meet:

  • Reducing cost of the equipment and spare parts as well as consumables;
  • Efficiency of equipment;
  • Matching technological characteristic to specific use conditions;
  • Life time period up 0.5- to 5 years;
  • Reducing the cost to the transportation, as our logistics department care out the lowest fright cost to delivery worldwide;
  • Stable shipment and nonstop process of the delivery.
  • Professional staff on the level best solution – provide to you attention and you may be sure that you will be heard. We care about this point as it is very important part of our company. Every request, question should be matched your needs, technological characteristics, cost expectation, efficiency, low time of the delivery —   achievement of this point means, that we coped with the task and we found a new  customer,  partner, friend in face your company.

Supply the correct globally proven product to suit your requirements, at the best possible price.