Global technology partner

ITC Invest Company is an International technology partner and we handle service to all industries, such as: Oil & Gas, Power THERMWAL plants, Mining, Metallurgy, industrial sector, Production of heavy equipment and machinery. We operate worldwide in field Procurement and equipment supply. Our technology solutions cover the complete project cycle from basic selection type of equipment, logistics, installation and after-sales service. We work with one-off orders and long-term service contracts, all our partners and customers benefit from the same level of service, expertise and assistance.

Our business model stands reliable project management quality engineering and equipment supply. Most of all, we believe right equipment, technology can make a difference for your company and reach the amazing results in field of the optimization, cost reducing. Efficiency solution able significantly improves your business. Our successful business results in the different industry markets illustrate this point.

Experts of ITC Invest company will assist into selection of necessary equipment according special features of future use, to each type of the technology, desired efficiency results as well as logistics arrangement and delivery questions. Experience and unchanging principles are based on strict fulfillment of our obligations, is a competitive advantage of ITC Invest Company. It allow us to solve our basic objective — to meet your expectations according quality, costs efficiency, type of equipment, best service and  to provide nonstop and timeliness of deliveries.

Established long time partnership with companies from various industry and functional specialization of different countries such as: USA, Great Britain, Russia, China, India, CIS countries, Bulgaria, Serbia, Mongolia, Africa, Indonesia, Australia and Latin America countries. It allow us to offer the wide range of equipment, spare parts and service type’s necessary industry and enterprises’. At an international level, we develop and execute projects through the design and implementation of tailor-made solutions.

Our team is specialized in tailor-made solutions.