Equipment and spare parts

Global technology partner

ITC Invest Company is an International technology partner and we handle service to all industries, such as: Oil & Gas, Power THERMWAL plants, Mining, Metallurgy, industrial sector, Production of heavy equipment and machinery. We operate worldwide in field Procurement and equipment supply. Our technology solutions cover the complete project cycle from basic selection type of equipment, logistics, installation and after-sales service. We work with one-off orders and long-term service contracts, all our partners and customers benefit from the same level of service, expertise and assistance.

Our business model stands reliable project management quality engineering and equipment supply. Most of all, we believe right equipment, technology can make a difference for your company and reach the amazing results in field of the optimization, cost reducing. Efficiency solution able significantly improves your business. Our successful business results in the different industry markets illustrate this point.

Experts of ITC Invest company will assist into selection of necessary equipment according special features of future use, to each type of the technology, desired efficiency results as well as logistics arrangement and delivery questions. Experience and unchanging principles are based on strict fulfillment of our obligations, is a competitive advantage of ITC Invest Company. It allow us to solve our basic objective — to meet your expectations according quality, costs efficiency, type of equipment, best service and  to provide nonstop and timeliness of deliveries.

Established long time partnership with companies from various industry and functional specialization of different countries such as: USA, Great Britain, Russia, China, India, CIS countries, Bulgaria, Serbia, Mongolia, Africa, Indonesia, Australia and Latin America countries. It allow us to offer the wide range of equipment, spare parts and service type’s necessary industry and enterprises’. At an international level, we develop and execute projects through the design and implementation of tailor-made solutions.

Our team is specialized in tailor-made solutions.

Equipment supply Partnership

ITC Invest Limited specializes in providing the best solutions in field of Procurement and equipment supply as well as service, technology support and logistics service.  Our activities range based on the full specter of the service to our customers and partners: from compiling requirements, specifications, selection model of the equipment to finalizing and commissioning complete integrated projects in the field of Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Mining, Chemical, Metallurgy, Productive sector, Production of heavy equipment and machinery. For all our projects we provide follow-up support and maintenance services, spare parts and consumables supply. The established relationships with our partners give us opportunity to reduce the cost and provide the best price solutions with lower price.

ITC Invest builds friendship relationship with our partners and suppliers. The wide ranges of the technological manufacturers worldwide that actively cooperate with us receive stable, responsible partner and achieve the better results, as well as our customers.  Every solution created by our experts in field, consultation, selection of the equipment, procurement, supplying equipment and in time delivery directed on your needs on all stages of optimization cost for equipment, spare part and consumables. It means:

Manage your operations effectively

ITC Invest and our team create added value to every project. Thanks to our knowledge and experience in a wide range of disciplines, we are able to manage your operations effectively and improve their quality and reliability. Our activity and service organization specializes in supplying the best solutions to our customers, servicing and carrying out selection, procurement, supplying of the equipment on the basis and requirements of future use. As well as after sale service, such as information support, maintenance, supplying of the spare parts and consumables. The main of ITC Invest – is to meet all your expectations from working with us. It means, our experts provide the solution that will meet:

  • Reducing cost of the equipment and spare parts as well as consumables;
  • Efficiency of equipment;
  • Matching technological characteristic to specific use conditions;
  • Life time period up 0.5- to 5 years;
  • Reducing the cost to the transportation, as our logistics department care out the lowest fright cost to delivery worldwide;
  • Stable shipment and nonstop process of the delivery.
  • Professional staff on the level best solution – provide to you attention and you may be sure that you will be heard. We care about this point as it is very important part of our company. Every request, question should be matched your needs, technological characteristics, cost expectation, efficiency, low time of the delivery —   achievement of this point means, that we coped with the task and we found a new  customer,  partner, friend in face your company.

Supply the correct globally proven product to suit your requirements, at the best possible price.

After sale support

Spare parts and consumables

ITC Invest Limited is international company with an extensive network of partners around the world. Our partners in any sector of industry can benefit from the service and added expertise that our company provides during preparation, selection, arrangement, supplying spare parts and consumables.

Service and supply of spare parts and consumables are a crucial part of our company and long-term relationship with customers, partners working with us. Our Trading and After Sales department offers a wide range of procurement and trading house services with best quality, efficiency, nonstop delivery, individual solution and service.

Business with ITC Invest Company means — best service, storage and on time delivery at the highest safety standards and at a competitive price

 24/7 Support

Equipment and service ITC Invest Limited provides are essential in industrial processes. For this reason our customers and partners benefit excellent services like customer training and a 24/7 support. Our experts are always on the line and happy to consultation, information, pricing support in any time.

Competitive price

We care about our customers and because the equipment is supplied by ITC Invest Limited, we negotiate favorable and arrange frame agreements with our partners worldwide, which results in a competitive price for all industrial equipment, spare parts and consumables.

Brand independent

Our customers’ needs are constantly evolving and unique, because of this reason we have no fixed solutions at ITC Invest Limited. Our trading department is willing to find the best solution for each request according special needs of future use, type of equipment, challenges facing and cost efficiency. The decisive factors are Specification and purpose and not brand name!