Coal Range and price policy


Coal is one of the world’s most important sources of energy, fuelling almost 40% of electricity worldwide.  Coal has played this important role for centuries – not only providing electricity, but also an essential fuel for steel and cement production, Chemical industry and other industrial activities. On the whole, according to approximate estimates, we can get more than 400 products, which are used in normal life, using different kinds of coal. In addition to all, the coal main function is to meet the basic living needs- the possibility of giving people warmth and light.

Our relationship with Coal miners and customers are based on the principles of fair and open collaboration. We value our name, respect our partners and believe that only mutual cooperation and understanding can lead to the desired results.

We strive to ensure that all participants in the value chain have benefited from working with our company. Therefore, we conduct ongoing work to establish reasonable cost of Coal, decrease in value storage, transportation costs in order to strengthen the relationships with our partners.

The company provides flexible pricing and working with different types of payment for the delivered products, in addition is constantly expanding range of supplied coal, which allows us to maximize the acceptability of the price of coal in conjunction with the terms of delivery, as well as meet all the needs of our customers.

We have worked tirelessly to expand the range and consolidate the establishment of relations with our partners as for various industries and domestic sector. Approximately 25% of the coal is supplied to customers is used for technological purposes in the enterprises where they are processed or used as a raw material. The bulk share of coal is used to produce coke, energy purposes. More than half of coal allocated for energy purposes, used in thermal power plants, a large part — for household needs, less — in the industrial and district heating plants. The rest of the steam coal is directed for the needs of agriculture, building materials, etc.

Today ITC Invest Company is ready to offer the wide calorific grades of Thermal coal GCV from 3200 up to 6500 Kcal. We will provide fossil coals with a wide range of genetic, technological properties and qualities that allow you to use them not only as fuel but also as technological raw materials.

Sale of different grades of coal leads to expansion of the market, which contributes to the acquisition of new customers, which invariably become our regular partners. During our work we found mutual understanding with a number of coal consumers, proven reliable supplier, always fulfill their obligations, we earned a reputation as a serious business partner. The high professionalism of staff, efficient shipments, supporting additional legal information and many years of experience suggest that our partnership will be constructive and mutually beneficial long term cooperation.

The experts of “ITC Invest Company” are pleased to meet our customers’ needs, giving the best service, regarding the selection of appropriate coal, transportation type, providing with supporting additional and legal information at competitive prices.