Coal Logistics

p1_2Our experience in international market allows us to offer flexible freight transport options to meet your individual needs. We can implement the shipment by air, road, rail and sea – according your specific freight transport requirements.

Our goals are to maximize efficiency to provide an integrated, end-to-end solution, reduce logistics costs, improve operational efficiencies and minimize time delivery.

Today, most of the coal supplies, implemented by ITC Invest company, are based on the terms CFR / CIF / DAP / FCA.
Through long-term partnerships with the largest and most modern ports and coal terminals of Africa, Indonesia, Australia, India, Europe and Latin America, ITC Invest Company is able to supply coal to customers and partners in Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America by sea and railway. In addition, in connection with the development of new markets and the increase in the volume of coal, supplied by our company we establish cooperation with ports and transport infrastructure, convenient for the organization of supply. This approach to supply gives us the opportunity to make better use of storage space in the ports and fully control the supply of coal to the buyer. Our clients are major energy, steel and industry companies in Europe, Africa, South and Central America, who appreciate the quality of coal supplied by ITC Invest Company.

Our company can help you to determine the most efficient way for you to handle your logistics needs. We are able to meet your individual requirements, budgets and schedules by:

  • minimizing losses during the loading, unloading, handling of cargo;
  • avoiding contact with the outside load, and protected from reaction with moisture, store the goods in the same state throughout the delivery;
  • providing the storage and transshipment store the Coal during the transportation;
  • reducing the time of unloading / loading of the Coal;
  • and providing the minimal time delivery of Coal in address of our customers and partners.

 «ITC Invest company» in order to meet your individual requirements, can offer you the best price for coal, as well as the minimum cost of logistics service.